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John Adventures formerly known as Africanmagic-tours is a locally-owned tourist company based in Moshi, Tanzania with experience of over 10 years in tourism industries. For your trips, adventures, mountain trekking, safari trip, day trips, beach holidays we are the best with well experienced guides, hotel reservations and transport for safari 4×4 cars at affordable price. Our prices are more competitive Give us your plan, we will give you the package that suite your budget. Karibu Sana

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With guiding climbs Experience on Kilimanjaro for over 10 years on multiple routes.

Professional Guides

Embark with competence professional guides on seamless adventure our knowledgeable and professional guides, ensuring an enriching travel experience.

Local Expertise

As your dedicated travel experts, we offer personalized experiences unlike any other. we are committed to guiding you through our enchanting homeland with unparalleled expertise.

24/7 Support

Tours are tailored to your requirements through personalized consulting, and once you’re on tour, we’re on emergency support 24/7.


We understand that every traveller is unique, which is why we meticulously customize each itinerary to align with your interests, budget, and activity level.

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john was an excellent guide ; he looked after me well. We walked up to one of the first base camps and had a nice lunch. Everything was well organised. I highly recommend John. It was a wonderful day out! Pole pole"
Kate A
I met John on Kilimanjaro and was impressed with his attitude and general vibe, so I asked him to help me with a Safari booking at a reasonable price and he did just that. Turned out to be just what I was looking for! Although we were with another company, I did witness John's experience and patience on the mountain as well. One of the women in my group was extremely grateful for his one-on-one help on summer day as she was struggling with the altitude.
Alex M
Overall, John is a good man to travel with, and a nice easy-going individual. He knows the trails, and is laidback and flexible. I personally would have appreciated a little more conversation on preparation, packing, weather and lodging before departure. But you can ask more questions than I did. Also, information about the wildlife was minimal and only came upon my inquiry, so if you’re serious about learning about the nature around you, you may not be fully satisfied compared to other such outdoor tours.
Ernie Guyton

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